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Today’s dental patient needing replacement of a full arch of teeth has two choices: traditional dentures which set on top of the gums or implant-supported dentures which reside right in the jawbone. If a patient qualifies, the choice is simple: implant-supported dentures from CenterCare Dental Group in Phoenix, AZ provide superior aesthetics, fit, and stability. Learn more about why the choice for tooth replacement is critical and about how Dr. Linda Beguin and Dr. Gary Steen will provide the best prosthetic solution for your unique preferences and needs.

What happens with tooth loss?

Actually, quite a bit happens. Not only does the resulting smile gap compromise personal appearance, it impacts how clearly you speak and how efficiently you bite and chew. Many patients with missing teeth, or who are fully edentulous, modify their diets substantially, and their digestion and nutrition may be adversely affected, too.

Besides appearance, speech and eating habits, remaining teeth, gum tissue and underlying bone structure change. Teeth drift from their original positions to fill the smile gap. Gum tissue recedes, and the jaw bone becomes shorter, narrower and less dense because it misses the stimulation natural tooth roots provide.

What can be done?

CenterCare Dental Group provides people with substantial tooth loss the option of tooth replacement with superior quality dentures in Phoenix. After a complete examination, X-rays and oral impressions, Dr. Beguin or Dr. Steen will offer denture choices based on individual need.

For instance, a partial denture, made of acrylic teeth on a metal frame, fills gaps created by one, two or more missing teeth. The prosthetic, or pontic, teeth stay in place via clasps anchored to adjoining natural teeth. Unfortunately, to ensure proper fit and stability, the dentist must modify the enamel on the natural teeth, and as time goes on, these teeth are subjected to substantial wear.

Implant-supported dentures

Your dentists in Phoenix also offer today’s premiere tooth-replacements, dental implants. During an in-office oral surgery, the dentist places multiple (at least 4) titanium implant posts directly into the jaw. As these implant sites heal and the devices bond to the bone, an exceptionally firm foundation for a customized denture is formed.

Depending on the circumstances, the denture may be secured to the implants soon after surgery, or denture placement may be delayed to allow implants and bone to adhere to each other through a process called osseointegration. Either way, the team at CenterCare Dental Group tells denture patients to look forward to:

  • Healthy bone and gums
  • Natural feel, fit and function of their new teeth
  • Support of lips, cheeks and other facial features
  • No smile gaps
  • Youthful personal appearance

You have great options

Implant-supported dentures are very stable and present one of the best tooth replacement choices. If you’d like to learn more, contact the office team at CenterCare Dental Group. They’ll be happy to arrange a personal consultation with one of our dentists. Call today: (602) 671-3956.