Mariola Widuch - CenterCare Dental Group

Mariola Widuch

CenterCare has been serving patients downtown and in the historic districts for 30 years. 26 years ago, we ran an ad for a dental assistant, and in walked a tall, good-looking blonde with an accent and a dental degree who said, “Maybe I can help you.” She has been with us ever since.

Mariola is bright and knowledgeable and has become the omnipresent glue that connects all parts of the practice. For supplies, insurance, software, clinical procedures, patient histories and all the details that make a dental practice go, she is the final resource for everyone around her, staff, and patients.

Mariola is a dentist, trained at the Medical Academy of Gdansk in Poland. Within a month of completing her studies, she was on a plane for Mesa to marry her American sweetheart, Mark. She has raised two boys, now 18 and 24.

Under Arizona law, Mariola would have to get additional training, out of state, to fully license to practice dentistry here. That has not been feasible for her, but all of us around her benefit from her knowledge and skills.