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A dental emergency, in our current world, should be any condition that interferes with normal body functions and immune response, including intake of proper nutrition, getting adequate sleep, and minimizing inflammation.

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Excessive missing teeth
  • Faulty dentures and poor diet
  • Apnea while sleeping
  • Inflamed and infected gum and bone conditions
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Oral, nasal and sinus secretions that harbor microorganisms

In this time of heightened awareness of risk, we might consider that risk presents itself in subtle and small ways that otherwise might be less critical. Overall health is the sum of the health of all systems, which absolutely includes the mouth. Minimizing risk can blur the line between emergency and urgency.

Is it safe to go to a dental office?

We have changed our protocols to ensure you will find yourself in the cleanest and safest place that you’ve been in all week, outside your home.

  • We will ask you to arrive freshly showered with clean clothes. (Please, we’re not implying you wouldn’t anyway, but these are strange times.)
  • We’ll provide you with hand and face wipes and disinfectant mouth wash.
  • We’ll provide you with a surgical cap, booties and a mask. All our communication will be done through masks.
  • To ensure social distancing, we are operating with minimal staff and we try to have only one patient in the office at a time. We may ask you to wait in your car until it’s time to see you. Bring a book.
  • Some procedures will be delayed until happier times.

Hassle? Yes. Safer? Yes. Take comfort knowing that the patient before you followed the same rules.

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