The digital age has brought great change to Phoenix healthcare and certainly to dental treatment at CenterCare. With the help of technology we see deeper and remember more, with corresponding benefit to our patients.

Patient records, now, are fully digitized at CenterCare. Data retrieval is efficient and communication with other providers is fast and thorough. The amount of information that can be stored and transmitted for our patients is unprecedented.

Drugs and materials in dental practice have also been improved by technology. Advances in pharmacology allow us to treat many conditions non-surgically that we couldn’t do until only recently. Zirconia (industrial diamond) is now extensively used by CenterCare in dental restorations. Patients have beauty and durability that wasn’t available just a few years ago.

Laser-assisted procedures are new. Computer-aided design is new. Digital imaging is getting better all the time. New diagnostic procedures and instruments are changing our world at CenterCare every year and patient care gets ever better as a result.