Dentures and Trays

What will you do? You have so many questions about the dentures your dentist is recommending. Relax. You’re in good hands with the four highly-skilled dentists at CenterCare Dental Group in Phoenix. They know dentures well and will provide the best prosthetic for your needs. Read here some FAQs about dentures and how they can benefit you.

Frequently asked questions about dentures

What are dentures? Dentures are artificial teeth replacing one, two, multiple or even an entire arch of teeth. Dentures normalize smile appearance, facial structure, and oral functions such as biting, chewing and speaking. Only your Phoenix dentist can customize the denture perfect for your oral health, appearance, and personal preferences.

Are there different types? Yes, there are several:

  • Partial, for people missing one or more teeth
  • Full conventional, for complete tooth loss
  • Immediate, place right after dental extraction
  • Implant-supported, for the most stable fit and bite and improvement of jaw bone size and health

Your dentist will recommend a care plan and appliance right for your needs. Regardless of the type, know that your denture will look good and function properly.

How can I know which denture option is right for me? Ask your dentist when you consult with him or her at CenterCare Dental Group.

Are dentures permanent? Many are fully removable. Implant-supported dentures are held in place by two, four or six titanium implants and may be removed only by your dentist.

Can my mouth stay healthy when I wear dentures? Yes, it can as long as you take care of your dentures. Remove them and rinse them thoroughly. Then, place them in your dentist-recommended denture soak. Rinse your mouth with clear water, and gently brush all soft oral tissues and any remaining teeth to remove food residues. Typically, oral irritation develops when denture wearers don’t keep up with their oral hygiene or don’t report sore spots or other issues to their dentists right away.

Will I look good with my dentures? The dentures designed by your dentist at CenterCare Dental Group definitely are not your grandma’s dentures. Designed and crafted precisely and with the finest materials (acrylic and some metals as needed), your new dentures will rejuvenate your facial appearance and have a very natural look.

I am going to feel odd wearing dentures. What can I do to feel better? Don’t worry. Literally millions of people in the US wear a denture of one kind or other, reports the American College of Prosthodontists. Take confidence in the fact that you’ll receive your dentures from the experienced team at CenterCare Dental Group.

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For answers to more questions about dentures, please contact CenterCare Dental Group in Phoenix, AZ, for more information: (602) 671-3956. We’re always happy to help you have great oral health and a wonderful smile.