Complex Radiosurgery in Phoenix, AZ

Radio waves, at their source, emit a large amount of energy. When this energy is harnessed in a surgical instrument, wave technology can be used to do very fine incisions, biopsies, excisions and cauterization. At CenterCare, we use radiosurgery instruments for all these purposes.

The way this is done is to put an “antenna” behind the back of the patient and use an ultra-fine electrode tip to beam a high-energy radio wave, via soft tissue, to the antenna. The concept is the same as closing an electrical circuit. When enough energy is generated at the electrode’s tip, it is able to perform many delicate and precise procedures in that tissue.

The procedures themselves are painless, of course, and patients experience little to no healing time afterward. Scalpels still have their place, but technology is gradually pushing them to the sidelines.