Advanced CEREC Digital Crowns in Phoenix, AZ

Crown Tooth

CEREC is the brand name of a German Siemens CAD/CAM system that designs and makes dental crowns at CenterCare. This system offers unmatched precision and speed for Phoenix patients seeking high quality in a busy world.

In years past, all dental crowns were made for patients by a dental laboratory, required 2 weeks to make and used a second appointment to place it on the tooth. Today, using an intraoral scanner, we can transfer an image of a patient’s tooth directly to our computer.

There, CAD software creates a custom shape that is unique to that tooth and relays the data to a robotic milling machine to make the crown using subtractive manufacturing.

In as little as 20 minutes the crown is finished and ready to place on the tooth. The patient leaves the office with a permanent restoration after only a single appointment.