Dental Crowns

Damage to a tooth doesn’t have to destroy your smile. Dental crowns provided by your Phoenix, AZ, dentists at CenterCare Dental Group improve tooth function and appearance.

How crowns can protect your smile

As strong as tooth enamel is, it’s not quite invincible. Your teeth can break if you’re in a car accident, you bite into a very hard object or food, or somebody accidentally elbows you in the face during a basketball game.

Cracks caused by trauma, wear and tear, or grinding or clenching your teeth also damage teeth and increase the likelihood that they’ll break. Once your tooth is cracked, it doesn’t take much to break it. Biting into an apple, pretzel or even a sandwich can cause a piece of tooth to break away.

Cracks also make your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay or inflammation or infection of your tooth pulp. Even tiny cracks make it easy for bacteria to penetrate your teeth.

Luckily dental crowns offer several important benefits for damaged teeth. Crowns are hollow restorations that cover teeth completely on all four sides. They’re made of materials that are tough enough to handle years of wear and tear and look like tooth enamel, including ceramic, resin, porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal.

The restorations are often used to:

  • Strengthen Cracked Teeth: Adding a crown to a cracked tooth reinforces it and greatly reduces the risk of a fracture. The crown absorbs strong biting forces, protecting the tooth underneath.
  • Completely Restore Fractured Teeth: Broken teeth are not very attractive, but appearance isn’t the only issue if your tooth breaks. Broken teeth can cut your lips and tongue and make chewing difficult. Depending on the severity of the break, broken teeth can be quite painful. Crowns cover painful exposed edges of the teeth and also restore their natural shape, width and length.
  • Make Weak Teeth Stronger: Teeth don’t have to be cracked to be at risk of breaking. If your teeth are brittle, they’re more likely to crumble without crowns. Removing tooth structure during root canal therapy can also weaken teeth. Crowns protect fragile teeth.

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