CenterCare Advantage - CenterCare Dental Group

Introducing CenterCare Advantage

CenterCare Advantage is a new reduced-fee and ultra-low interest payment plan that creates access to care for patients who have avoided dental treatment because of its cost. CenterCare Dental Group will help you plan your dental treatment worry-free.

It’s simple and there is no fine print.

  • We have adopted the average national fee for all procedures as published by the American Dental Association.
  • We have reduced those fees 25% for all participants. The savings may be increased to 35% with special arrangements.
  • Patients may finance all or part of their treatment for only 5% interest.
  • There is no credit check. Participants must demonstrate the ability to pay (employment, family, etc.).
  • Patients may choose their own payment schedule, which determines the actual treatment time. There is no minimum treatment time.
  • The annual fee is $89.